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HTML Preview for GitHub and BitBucket Repositories

GitHub & BitBucket HTML Preview

Enter URL of the HTML file to preview:

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Why HTML Preview?

Provides a complete way to preview HTML for GitHub and BitBucket repositories. GitHub and BitBucket Repositories can be difficult to preview, because they are plain text files. HTML Preview for GitHub and BitBucket Repositories makes it easy to preview HTML in GitHub and BitBucket repositories. The user can input the repository URL, which will then load in the previewer. The user can then view the preview, and save it. The user can also save the preview to their computer, email it, or share it on social media.

Many GitHub repositories don't use GitHub Pages to host their HTML files. DevHelper HTML Preview Tool allows you to render those files without cloning or downloading whole repositories. It is a client-side solution using a CORS proxy to fetch assets.

If you try to open raw version of any HTML, CSS or JS file in a web browser directly from GitHub, all you will see is a source code. GitHub forces them to use the "text/plain" content-type, so they cannot be interpreted. This script overrides it by using a CORS proxy.


  • You don't need to host your files on github pages/ other platforms.
  • You Can Preview your html file by easy api. eg[YOUR-URL-HERE]
  • You Can open html preview of many other sites.


In order to use it, just prepend this fragment to the URL of any HTML file:

What it does is: load HTML using CORS proxy, then process all links, frames, scripts and styles, and load each of them using CORS proxy, so they can be evaluated by the browser. This Tool was tested under the latest Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Note: It does not support some JavaScript files.