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Pixellab Plp Templates for Creating Social Media Ads

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Pixellab Plp Files for Creating Social Media Ads

Hello friends, In this article, I want to share with you some of the best Pixellab templates. By using which you can create business card, product poster, advertising poster using just ANDROID PHONE. We are sharing pixellab templates for social media ads in this article. These files are in the form of zip file, first extract them.

What is Pixellab APK ?

If you also make posters and banners from mobile, then you can use Pixellab app. This app is absolutely free. These Pixellab Templates can only be opened using the PixelLab app, for those of you who don't have the PixelLab application, you can download this application for free on play store.

What is a .Plp File in Pixellab App?

A .plp file is a file that you can save in your device which is created in PixelLab and is able to make changes in future in that design. You can save your project as a file with format .plp not the jpg image it means that you can edit that later if you want to. Also you can share that plp file wherever you want.

Download PixelLab Templates - PLP file

Creative Designs PixelLab Template

Food Banner PixelLab Template

Food Banner 2 PixelLab Template

Food Banner 3 PixelLab Template

Gaming Banner PixelLab Template

Fashion Product PixelLab Template

How To Open The Plp Project files in Your  Phone?

Follow these steps :

Step 1 :- First of all Download the Project file From Here.

Step 2 :- Then open Pixel Lab  App and Click to My Projects.

Step 3 :- Now Click The  .PLP  in the Top Of The window.

Step 4 :- Find out The Downloaded Project file.

Step 5 :- Select The Plp File and Click Open. Now edit Your Project.

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Pixellab Plp Templates for Creating Social Media Ads