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Wapkiz 404 Error Custom Page Code

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404 Error Page Design in Html

This is a list of responsive error page codes that can be used for any type of website. It is a list of the beautiful, copyright free and responsive 404 page templates and what they are best for. all pages are fully customizable and editable.

What is 404 Custom Error Page in wapkiz?

This is a new feature by which you can customize the error page in wapkiz site. If you do not know about the error page, then let us know. Error page is the page which is shown in place of that page when a page is deleted. You can design it as per your wish. Wapkiz lets you do this

Best design for error pages

Below are some of the designs and previews for the 404 page.

Black And White Banner

Preview: black and white 404 error page banner

Error page HTML Code

Pink Banner

Preview: pink 404 error page banner

Error page HTML Code

Wapkiz Default Error

Preview: Wapkiz Default Error Page Code

Error page HTML Code

Stylish Animated Design

Preview: 404 error page Stylish Animated Design

Error page HTML Code