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Ckin Player - Best HTML5 Video Player

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The Ckin-Video-Player Plugin is helpful for you create easy customisable HTML5 video player for your website or page.

Custom HTML5 Video Player with Ckins

Default Ckin without overlay


Default Ckin without overlay:

Default Ckin without overlay

Compact Ckin with overlay:

Compact Ckin with overlay

Minimal Ckin With Overlay:

Minimal Ckin With Overlay

Compact Ckin with custom color:

Compact Ckin with custom color


1. Add the ckin.css to head section to the head of your html page.

2. Add the ckin.js to the bottom of your html page. Just above the closing BODY tag.

3. Add your video element.

4. Customize the HTML5 video using the following attributes:

Attributes Summary
poster cover image
data-overlay video overlay (1,2)
data-ckin change skin (default, minimum, compact)
data-color control color
data-title video title