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Wapkiz Admin Panel Page Code

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Wapkiz is a free website builder that is incredibly easy to use. It’s also very powerful, with features like SEO optimization, social media integration, and mobile-friendly design. You can build a site in minutes with Wapkiz, and then start growing your audience. With Wapkiz, you’ll never have to worry about coding again.


How to Create Admin Panel Page on Wapkiz?

Follow These Steps to Create admin page on Wapkiz.

  1. Make New Page

    Go to admin panel of your website and create a new page with this name 'ADMIN'

  2. Add Html/tag Codes

    Add these html codes to the admin page

    Style Code HTML Code
  3. How to Customize?

    Change the codes as per your requirement. you can change var data, bid etc.

  4. Preview Page

    Now, your page looks like this. You can manage your website from here.